I've been recording, mixing and mastering bands professionally for over 12 years. My passion is helping bands grow by making their recordings sound huge and guiding them through their releases, no matter what part of the world they are in. I studied under producers Machine and Will Putney at The Machine Shop.  Some of the artists I've worked are  Clutch, King Crimson, Ne-Yo, Four Year Strong, Miss May I, Crobot, & more. 

What I Do Best



Bring your track to a whole new level. I will find what makes it shine and enhance it, while pushing your vision and helping you stand out. 



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You are happy with your mixes but want them to pop out of the speakers? I can make them loud while keeping their integrity, give them depth and make sure they are up to industry standards.  




There is too much information online and unfortunately not all of it is good. I can help you steer your ship to get RESULTS

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I love meeting new artists and raising them to new heights in their music career. I care because if your band grows, I grow as a producer. WIN/WIN